Editing & Assessment


An assessment of your work is chiefly concerned with large scale issues and seeks to give you invaluable critical, objective feedback where you need it most. This does not include line edits or detailed proof reading.

Close-Up Editing & Assessment provides detailed reader reports (averaging 10-15 pages) in addition to expository notes direct to MS, though the amount of these vary from project to project.

Each report will cover aspects such as:

  •             Plot and Story
  •             Point of View
  •             Characterisation
  •             Dialogue
  •             Setting and World Building
  •             Pacing
  •             Theme and Genre
  •             Language Use


We also offer a range of editing services, including structural editing, line editing and proof reading. See our Fees page for pricing.

Response Time

We endeavour to return manuscripts within 4 weeks of receipt.

Large projects may attract a longer turnaround and if for any reason we foresee a potential delay, we will discuss this with you.

Follow-up questions about your report are welcome.

To discuss your project with us, please visit the Contact Us page or email us at