Close-Up Editing & Assessment works to the word count of your manuscript. A typical novel, which runs to approximately 80,000 words, would be charged at $600 for an assessment. Depending on the nature of your needs, this figure will change. (See below.)

If you are interested in proof reading or line editing this will vary based on the amount of work required per manuscript but a starting point is outlined below. Contact us directly for more information.

Sample Edit

We can offer a free 5 page sample edit to help assist with your decision.


$550 per 60,000 words

$600 per 80,000 words

$700 per 100,000 words

$850 per 120,000 words

$500 per 3000 lines (poetry)

Line Editing

$75 per hour

Proof Reading

$50 per hour

Structural Editing

Contact us


Close-Up recommends that you contact us with specific details of your project and needs, so we can provide an accurate quote.

Payment should be sent with submission – see Manuscript Submission for details. Close-Up Editing & Assessment accepts money order, cheque and also Paypal (by arrangement.)

Please use the Query form on the Contact Us page or email us at