I am a relatively new writer and currently publishing my first book. After several attempts to self-edit, I came across a flyer for Close-Up Editing and sent them an enquiry. I received a quick response and was offered a sample edit, which was very helpful and contained exactly the sort of support I was looking for.

My experience of working with Brooke has been most enjoyable. She was very patient, did a thorough job and answered all my questions as they came up. I enjoyed learning about the editing process and found it very insightful. I would definitely recommend Close-Up to friends and hope to work with them again in the future.

Hannah Blackmore

The assessment I received for my book was extremely helpful. Ashley and Brooke were effective in identifying exactly what needed to be altered and in offering clear advice on how to go about making improvements. Their approach was sensitive to the personal nature of my writing whilst maintaining integrity in the directness required to achieve the most professional outcome possible.

Sonja Plitt

I have had a wonderful editing process with Close-Up. They are highly professional individuals who will provide step by step assistance with any piece of editing. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Wida Tausif

Close-Up Editing assisted in taking my manuscript to another level. The suggestions provided were comprehensive, thoughtful and practical. I had become too close to the manuscript and was running out of ideas. The perspective provided by Close-Up Editing gave me new momentum. The manuscript is a smoother and a richer read because of their input. Thank you Close-Up Editing, more work is coming your way.

Phillip Moses

Working with Close-Up was a pleasure. They are friendly, patient and insightful. I’m particularly happy with how flexible they are to work with. They paid great attention to detail, and all suggestions were in keeping with my own writing style. I would recommend them to anyone looking to polish their work to a professional standard.

CJ Jessop