Special Offer

If you are just starting out as a writer, you will hear things like, ‘You must learn to handle criticism’, and ‘You must develop a thick skin to succeed as a writer.’ Is this true? Yes. But don’t let this advice instil so much fear in you that you lack the confidence to send your work to an editor, or worse, finish your piece of writing at all.

At Close-Up, we aren’t only editors, we are writers as well. We know how it feels to send your work out there. We know you’ve spent hours and hours on it, and we know how much you want to see it published.

To celebrate our second year of business, from November 1st, if you send your project to us, you will received 10% off our regular fee!

And be assured that we will treat it the way we would want our own work treated. As trained editors, we will show you how to improve your writing, and as writers, we will ensure that all advice we give you is constructive.

Ashley & Brooke